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10-Minute TAG Talks
“We’re It!”

These informative, expertly designed 10-minute talks have been developed to provide
Vistage members with access to relevant and useful information on a wide range of
topics important to CEO and business owners. There is no charge for a TAG talk. Simply
access the TAG Website at wnytag.com, click on the TAG Talk button and register your
request. Someone from TAG will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a date and time
for your talk.

Talk Topics:

You have a website, now what?

Most companies have websites but few optimize them to reach their goals.  This 10 minute talk will give you a management-level overview of how to define your goals, craft sites to pursue those goals, and hot to effectively measure wins and losses. – Stas Balanevsky

Liability blind spots

Learn what your General Liability does not cover! – Joseph Floss

Best Practices for Clients in Working with Outside Counsel.

This program will discuss how companies can more effectively work with their outside counsel – and in the process: reduce their legal risks, incorporate better legal processes, and reduce their cost on outside legal spend.   John Koeppel has been outside corporate counsel to 100+ companies in his two decade career, and will share his thoughts (and real world examples) on the best strategies for companies to use when working with outside counsel. – John Koeppel

Planning for a Business Transition: More than the Multiple

When planning for a business transition, how you structure your business assets today may well have a greater impact on your family’s wealth than how you negotiate the multiple when you sell.  Most business owners say it is important to have a thorough exit strategy; few have planned for life after the business.  This talk will provide you with the framework to have meaningful discussions with your trusted advisors around two key planning considerations: 1) What impact will this transition have a on my financial lifestyle?  2) How do I transfer as much of my assets as possible to the people that I care about and the causes that I support? – Wyatt Arthurs

5 Common Small Business Challenges

In working with small growing entrepreneurial businesses, I have discovered several common financial related issues with which they struggle. When I first start working with these businesses, most if not all of these issues exist. All of them are critical to their success in managing and growing their businesses. The good news is that with time and focus they can be rectified. In no particular order, here are 5 that I see most: – Mark Becker

Understanding IT

A management-level talk aimed at helping you understand information technology, where your blindspots might be, and how to make your technology work seamlessly for you. – Anthony Corigliano

E$cape NY

A talk geared to professionals looking to uncover the benefits and pitfalls of leaving NY State for tax benefit. – Jon Pellish

Where’s the Beef?  (More meet in your Leadership Team Meeting.)

Your Leadership Team Meeting is one of the most important gatherings in your business. Not only does the Leadership Team determine strategic intent, but a regular, productive meeting acts to influence and shape day-to-day operations that align with that intent. In ten minutes you’ll learn about four critical areas of focus and how to quickly and efficiently address issues that arise within them using a powerful agenda format called“Level-10.”  Stop having useless, uninformed meetings and start putting your Leadership Team to work removing barriers to growth. – Jim Wardlaw

One shot to get it right…selling your business 101

This talk is designed to quickly educate business owners and advisors on how to run a successful sale process, the types of sale processes, timing, basic business valuation, and the importance of professional advisors. Nicholas Morreale is a Registered Investment Banker with Paramax Corporation, who has advised on over 300 transactions, which allows him to provide best practices and practical solutions in order to simplify a very complicated process. – Nicholas Morreale

How to Save $200K Pre-Tax

It is never too late to ramp-up the rate of saving for retirement.  Business owners and other highly-paid wage earners frequently forfeit 35% to 45% of their top-dollar earnings for Federal and State Income Taxes and FICA Taxes.  Learn how the right kind of Retirement Plan and changes in Plan Design can create tax savings today and large accumulations of future retirement savings for these key individuals. – Mark Brand