Mark Brand

Mark Brand
Mark E. Brand, Esq.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Actuarial Consulting Services, Inc. (ACSI)

Helping businesses choose the right retirement plan, with the right features, run the right way, since 1982.

ACSI provides comprehensive, personalized third-party administrative (TPA) services of retirement plans for individuals and employers with an emphasis on plan design and operational compliance in order to meet the business’ objectives and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Mark’s extensive knowledge of pension law provides the foundation for his retirement plan consulting regarding plan design, implementation, operation, administration, compliance and corrections. He serves as general counsel for ACSI’s pension administrators and actuary.  Mark also has primary responsibility for business development. Mark started his career as a corporate attorney with a national law firm in Pittsburgh, and then was a partner with Phillips Lytle LLP in Buffalo spending 21 years as a pension lawyer, prior to joining ACSI in 2011.  Mark has a J.D. (Law) Degree and a B.S. and M.B.A. in Accounting and Finance from the University at Buffalo.

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It is never too late to ramp-up the rate of saving for retirement.  Business owners and other highly-paid wage earners frequently forfeit 35% to 45% of their top-dollar earnings for Federal and State Income Taxes and FICA Taxes.  Learn how the right kind of Retirement Plan and changes in Plan Design can create tax savings today and large accumulations of future retirement savings for these key individuals.